Tax consulting

Tax consulting

We offer you a personalized treatment with a human team with experience in any field related to tax advice

At Drisar we have experience in tax advisory services for companies and individuals. We offer you a personalized treatment with a human team with experience in any field related to taxes, taxation, income tax returns, accounting advice and any other service related to tax advice in which you need or want to have the support of professionals.

company bylaws

The incorporation of a company not only represents a logical evolution step for a company, but also offers important benefits in tax savings, which you can take advantage of if everything is well processed and established.

At Drisar we have extensive experience in incorporating companies, so we can offer you full advice from the same decision on what type of company is best suited to your interests.
In the same way, we can advise you, inform you and even take responsibility for the necessary procedures for a correct constitution of companies, according to the current requirements and the type of company that you have chosen in your company.

Processing of licenses and new openings

The opening of a new commercial premises or an establishment with service facing the public (or not), requires procedures that are sometimes complex and unknown to many citizens.

From Drisar we can offer you completely personalized advice, with which to know what type of opening license your business needs and how to request it from the City Council on which it depends, quickly and effectively.

The processing of licenses is one of the most important aspects for a company. It is not only essential for an opening, but also represents one of the most requested procedures, for example, when you want to change the ownership of that same license.

Personal Income Tax, Withholdings, VAT, Corporation Tax

The payment of taxes, at both a private and business level, is not only a mandatory procedure for any citizen, but also any erroneous data that is offered even if it is involuntary, may imply an economic sanction.

At Drisar we can offer you complete advice and tax processing and filing services, with the guarantee that all the information requested will be delivered according to the correct tax models and on time.

Among the many services related to tax tax advice, our team of professionals can be of invaluable help in processing personal income tax, withholding taxes, VAT declaration, Income statement, Corporation Tax, etc.

Local taxes and fees. Junta Andalucía and Town Councils

Liability with respect to fees and taxes is usually addressed by every company from a national point of view.

However, it should not be forgotten that, depending on the geographical location in which a business is located, there are also local tax and fee obligations, both at the level of municipalities and autonomous communities, for example in relation to the Junta de Andalucía.

Given these very specific and often forgotten by companies, at Drisar we can offer you specialized and completely personalized advice, regarding the needs of your company and its obligations, in relation to the local administrations that link it.

Presentation and preparation of annual accounts

The presentation of the annual accounts many times supposes the previous month or even the same month of maximum term, an extra effort for the professionals of a company or even of a whole business society.

Likewise, the preparation of these accounts requires foresight, knowledge of the regulations and optimal computer resources, for a record that is not only adequate, but also compatible with what the Public Administration requires.

In Drisar we have a team of professionals with experience in presentation and preparation of annual accounts, with which you can count on to have total peace of mind in this area, as well as to be able to dedicate your time to productive tasks of your business, while we take care of everything.


Professional freelancers typically do not have a team of people dedicated to all aspects of tax advice for their business.

In such a situation, they must dedicate time and resources to an area that in most cases is largely unknown, with the consequent risk of making errors in calculations and presentation of the required information.

At Drisar we are specialized in tax advice for the self-employed. We can offer you complete and comprehensive advice on all aspects related to your work, so that you can dedicate yourself to your business with complete peace of mind.

Statement of income

The income statement is one of the most important processes for both freelancers, entrepreneurs and even individuals.

In most cases, the chosen decision is to accept the official draft of the Income, as soon as it presents a positive balance.

Our recommendation, based on our experience in tax advice, is that you do not accept a draft of the Income, without prior consultation with professionals.

The Income statement includes numerous aspects of the accounting and taxation of a business, so that any of them makes a noticeable difference.

At Drisar we can offer you personalized advice on the Income Tax return and take responsibility for its correct presentation within the required deadlines.

Accounting advice and auxiliary accounting

Accounting is one of the basic pillars of any company. Having an accounting professional is not something that is within the reach of any company and, even with these professionals, double supervision of business accounting is always advisable.

At Drisar we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in accounting consulting, as well as auxiliary accounting for companies in all sectors.

We can offer you a personalized accounting advisory service, adapted to the needs of your company and covering all the areas you need to guarantee optimal accounting (including presentation of accounts) of the entire business.

Legalization of accounting books and preparation of accounting

The Public Administration requires the task of legalization of accounting books, in order to guarantee that in the future these company accounts will not be modified.

A correct legalization of accounting books, requires its optimal presentation in the Mercantile Registry of the Autonomous Community where the company's registered office is, on all the necessary accounting books (annual accounts, inventories, minutes, partner records, contract records , etc.)

At Drisar we can offer you comprehensive advice on legalization of accounting books and accounting preparation tasks, so that all these aspects are perfectly taken care of and defined in your company.

Advice and assistance in tax inspections

The inspections of the Treasury are moments of concern for businessmen, both due to ignorance about whether any fiscal or accounting process has been carried out incorrectly, or in relation to the presentation of these data to the inspectors.

At Drisar we can offer you direct advice and assistance in tax inspections, in order to always defend the interests of your company and be able to overcome this process without problems.

In addition, we advise you that for complete peace of mind before the possibility of a tax inspection, you have our services in tax advice. From the first moment we can guarantee the correct processing and registration of all the tax and accounting information of your company.

Debt processing and deferrals

In some situations a company is faced with the situation of getting into debt or requesting deferrals, for example to the Treasury, in order to get timely financing.

In these cases, both obtaining these deferrals, as well as the correct processing of the debts received, should try to be carried out within the required regulatory areas.

In Drisar we can advise you and help you in the processing of debts and the request for deferrals, to have more guarantees of success in these processes.

Maintenance and cancellations of inactive companies

Business companies that do not have a commercial activity or are inactive are not exempt from tax obligations, even if they are different from those of an active company.

These companies require maintenance in tax terms according to what the current regulations require.