Purchase / Sale of homes (Residents and Non-Residents)

Purchase / Sale of homes
(Residents and Non-Residents)

We have a team of specialized professionals who will be in charge of guiding you and being by your side throughout the entire process for both the purchase and sale of your home.
Your peace of mind is our goal.

At Drisar Asesores we not only take care of the processing of the entire process, but also advise you and inform you about all present and future expenses and procedures that entail both a purchase and the sale of a home, emphasizing the correct execution of taxes. , contracts and verifications, to always guarantee a correct and complete completion of the process.


When the home is first occupancy, or purchased directly from the developer, the process is different from buying an already used home.

At Drisar Asesores we take care of making the process as simple as possible, taking charge of checking and requesting all the necessary documentation for the drafting of the private contract of sale and the entire subsequent process.

Among all the procedures included: Request for Abbreviated Informative Document (DIA), explanatory note on the price and forms of payment, building license, plans of the property, memory of qualities, first occupation license, ten-year insurance, building book , etc.


When it comes to an already used home, it is necessary to be very thorough with the process since this way we can avoid hidden defects or surprises in the future.

Our advice and assistance include, among others:

1.- The study and request of all the documentation related to the property, the analysis of debts and charges of the property, the drafting, advice and assistance in the signing of the private contract, etc.

2.- The preparation of the public deed before a notary public and attendance at its signature at the notary public, the registration in the corresponding registry of your purchase, the drafting and execution of the taxes related to the purchase and any procedure that the buyer needs.


At Drisar Asesores we accompany you at every step of the process, once the price has been agreed and a buyer has been found, we take care of providing all the necessary information about the property for a correct and successful sale (Application for community of owners certificate, application for energy efficiency certificate, etc.).

Always keeping the seller informed in advance of all expenses and taxes related to the sale of their home, such as:

– Payment of the tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land. (Capital gain)
– Capital gains derived from the sale of a property. (This translates to the impact on Income)
– Non-resident income tax.


Owning a home provides us with many options when it comes to making a profit from it, the months or periods in which we do not inhabit or use it.

This is why a large majority of second home owners decide to rent their homes and take advantage of the months that they are not going to enjoy them.
From Drisar Asesores we advise you and take care of all the paperwork and process that is necessary to be able to rent a home legally.

Informing you of all the legal requirements to start managing your home with vacation rentals, application and presentation of a tourist license, habitability cell, certificate of 1st occupancy and informing you of all the legal requirements demanded by regional regulations.


At Drisar advisers we contemplate all the options for acquiring real estate, including donations.
On certain occasions, this option is highly considered to avoid future disputes over inheritance or for more efficient wealth management, among other reasons.

Whether they are donations of usufruct or bare ownership, we take care of the revision and adaptation of the deed, full assistance at the notary, registration in the competent registry, calculation of the tax quota and the presentation of the taxes pertinent to the procedure. Always keeping our client informed of each step and option available.


One of the most common operations on the Costa del Sol is the sale or purchase of homes in which one of the parties is a Non-Resident. This has led us to have extensive experience in the sector, whether it is the sale or acquisition of a home by a Non-Resident, or if you want to rent the home for the months that it is not going to be used.

Each of these options is accompanied by both different taxes and different tax returns in specific periods and forms for Non-Residents.

From Drisar advisers we take care of the entire process to follow, keeping you informed of how much and when taxes must be paid and once the process is finished, we take responsibility for reminding you and managing your tax obligations quarterly or annually based on the use that is made of it. give to the house
For all this we have a great team that can assist you in Spanish as well as in English and Dutch.