Employment advice

Advice on labor matters and management of all kinds of procedures between workers, the self-employed, companies and social security.

Accounting Advisory

We offer you personalized advice that will allow you to outsource all the accounting processes of your company.

Fiscal Advice

As tax consultancy in Fuengirola we manage all taxes, fees and declarations of all types of companies and freelancers.

Advice Purchase / Sale of homes

Advice and processing of the entire process of buying and selling homes.

In our advice we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in various areas, who work to offer our clients from all over Fuengirola the best possible advice.

Offering a personalized, fast and effective tax and accounting advisory service to solve the day-to-day management of your company and urgent requirements.

Our mission is to solve from your simplest and daily problems of paperwork and business consultations or projects of new entrepreneurs, to the most complicated issues such as late payment, internationalization of companies, licenses and procedures, purchase and sale of businesses, etc.

Our Mission

The speed and proactivity to solve and anticipate any problem that a client may have at a fiscal, legal or labor level.


We put all our knowledge at your disposal wishing to share successes. We offer our clients permanent access to their data through our website where they can consult their accounts, balances, payrolls, incidents, taxes, documentation, etc.

Our Experience